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4 Reasons Why Uncontested Divorce is on the Rise


Uncontested divorces are on the rise. The number of people who are going through a divorce without involving lawyers or courts is increasing at an alarming rate. Nowadays, uncontested divorces are a lot more common than people might think. It is because people are gradually realizing the value of filing for an uncontested divorce. The good news is that the cost of an uncontested divorce is very less compared to a litigation-related divorce. 

The decision to go for a low-cost, low-fuss divorce does not mean that people don’t care about their marriage anymore. It only shows that they want to save their time and money and yet, get a divorce as soon as possible. You can consult a Birmingham AL contested divorce lawyer to find out what kind of divorce is a viable option for you.

Here are the main reasons why uncontested divorce is on the rise.

  • Control is given to the couple, not the courts

The control in an uncontested divorce is given to the couple. Most important decisions in an uncontested divorce are made by the couple. That includes how to divide the assets, how to divide custody of children, what happens to their marital property, and also how to divide spousal support. An uncontested divorce gives couples more control over their decisions and, therefore, more control over their lives.

  • Low cost

Uncontested divorce is the most economical way of getting a divorce. In spite of having an attorney, uncontested divorce allows couples to save money by avoiding unnecessary expenses associated with trial court litigation. The cost of an uncontested divorce is only one-third to one-half of the cost of litigation.

  • More peaceful split

Uncontested divorce is settled between the couple involved in the divorce proceedings. No lawyers or courts are involved here. Also, no judges could interfere in this process since it is done by mutual consent of both parties. The couple can come up with a mutually agreeable custody agreement and maintenance as well. You can peacefully get divorced without harming your kids or affecting their upbringing in any way.

  • Faster

Uncontested divorce is faster than an adversarial divorce. This is because most of the legal complexities associated with a divorce are avoided. The couple can agree on all the relevant aspects, including property division and child custody.

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