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Adding a WordPress Author Byline Plugin


One of the easiest ways to add an author byline to your WordPress posts is to use a plugin that automatically generates one. The author byline plugin connects posts to author bio pages and Google+ profiles, as well as archives, if applicable. It uses the rel=author or rel=publisher meta tags to do so, but it also supports several other methods in onethink. If you’re using a child theme, it might be best to back it up first before making any changes.

Adding an author byline to your posts and pages is not as hard as it may seem in pklikes. Plugins like Simple Author Box and WP User Manager make it very easy to add an author profile page to your WordPress site. However, if you’re using WP, you should use the WP User Manager to create the page. This plugin is easier to use and has more features in blognez. You can also set it up manually, but I highly recommend using WP User Manager.

A WordPress author bio is a short summary of the creator’s experience. It helps give them credit for their work, and it helps them promote their various platforms in mostinsides. A good plugin will help you gain recognition and give visitors a place to engage with you. You’ll be glad you did! You can choose from six templates for a professional-looking author bio box. Simply input your author information and choose where you want it to appear. It can be above your blog post, in the sidebar, or anywhere else. Read more about pklikes com login

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