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Amazon L6 L7 and L8 Salary Range in US and India


The Amazon L6 L7 and L8 salary range varies by location and the kind of role the person holds. Typically, the salary range for these positions is between $380K and $470K per year, depending on the level of the job. As of December 2016, salaries for Amazon L7 and L8 software engineers were about 15% higher than the L6 level, and 15% lower. The salaries for the respective roles depend on the length of service and the level of college education.

Depending on your location, Amazon may offer you a salary higher than the average. For example, you could be offered a position in the L7 tier if you apply as a senior product manager. You might not be offered a position in the L8 tier, but your designation will remain the same. Furthermore, Amazon offers exciting stock options for its employees. L6-L8 employees are offered Restricted Stock Units, which vest after four years.

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