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Are Facial Oils Right for You?


What is your first reaction when you hear ‘facial oil?’ Used as a cleanser to remove makeup or for dry skin that can be washed off with face wash?

In between all the rigorous steps of cleanser, face serum, mask, and moisturiser, a facial oil does not fit the skincare routine. Because when you imagine facial oils, you think it’s a recipe for breakouts and an oily, sticky face.

But we’re here to change your mind. All hail the latest skincare recipe that transforms dull, dehydrated, pigmented skin into dazzling, even-complexioned skin.

Let’s read how facial oil can benefit your skin and how to choose the right one.

Who Needs Facial Oil?

A common misconception about facial oils is that they are only for dry skin since they make oily skin more oily. But facial oils can benefit all skin types.

Our skin produces natural oils. The facial oil is formulated with different plant-based oils and other natural ingredients to balance the oil production and keep our skin hydrated.

Facial oil is the final step of the skincare regime, as it offers an extra layer of protection to the skin. It locks in hydration by preventing water loss from the skin. To get the best results, it is recommended to use non-comedogenic facial oil that does not clog skin pores.

So, the short answer to who needs facial oil is, ‘everyone!’ If you pick the oil with the right ingredients depending upon your skin concern and know the right way to apply it, you’ll get excellent results.

Benefits of Facial Oil

If you haven’t yet used a facial oil, your skin lacks the TLC it deserves. Facial oil can be your saviour throughout the year, irrespective of seasons.

1. Hydrates the Skin

Knowingly or unknowingly, we strip our skin of natural oils. Overwashing to prevent breakouts, the use of harsh chemicals, the wrong products, poor diet and lifestyle choices; all cause dehydration.

Facial oils hydrate the skin in the final skincare step by locking in moisture. Dry skin beauties can use facial oil after their AM and PM skincare regimen, while it’s advised to use oil only with the night-time routine for individuals with oily skin.

2. Adds Natural Glow

Our skin becomes dull over the years due to ageing. The signs of ageing become more prominent if you do not follow a proper skincare routine. Using facial oil can add an instant glow to the skin and brighten dull skin.

If you feel oil makes your face shiny, beauticians recommend adding a drop of oil to your moisturiser for a dewy glow. If you are prepping your skin for makeup, you should know that a foundation blends effortlessly when applying a layer of oil beneath it.

3. Makes Your Products More Effective

Celebrities and skincare enthusiasts swear by facial oils. Not just applying as the final step of the skincare routine, most individuals mix their facial oil with face serum, moisturiser, treatment, and face mask to make the product more effective.

Time to Include a Facial Oil in Skincare

If you have doubts about whether to squeeze in another product in your five-step skincare regime, then it’s a big yes. Get your hands on facial oil and discover the goodness of oil for your skin.

Depending on the ingredients you choose, you may experience different results. Protecting your skin from free radicals, adding glow to the skin, reversing the signs of ageing, you name it, facial oils deliver it. With these tips, your skin will be glowing in no time.

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