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Attorneys Not Accepting Your Case? Here Are A Few Reasons Why That Might Be Happening


There are millions of lawyers in the United States, so you might think that someone or the other will take your case. However, this does not always happen. Case rejections can be one of the most frustrating challenges to deal with. It is important to understand why attorneys reject your case to avoid wasting your time. 

If you have experienced a case rejection, there may be one or several reasons for it. If you want more information on why an attorney is not accepting your case, you should learn more about the process rather than sitting at home feeling sad about it. Understanding why case rejections happen will also increase your chances of a win. 

Reasons why an attorney may not accept your case

  • The lawyer does not specialize in the area. 

Suppose you have a personal injury case of a bike accident, so you visit a personal injury attorney. However, they reject your case during the consultation. This might happen because, even though they are a personal injury lawyer, they specialize in car accidents and not bike ones. Finding an attorney with experience in your type of case is important.

  • The financial benefits of pursuing your claim are insufficient. 

If you think all attorneys take fees upfront, you may be wrong. Many personal injury attorneys offer a contingency form of payment where the amount to be paid to the professional depends on the outcome of the case. The bigger the financial rewards are, the more the attorney receives. 

An attorney might try to predict and calculate the damages during the initial consultation session. If they think the financial damages are not worth fighting the case, they won’t accept it. 

  • Your case has passed the statute of limitations. 

All personal injury claims have a strict statute of limitations. This means that one should file a case before a certain deadline. If they fail to do so, they won’t be able to file a case, no matter how strong the evidence may be. If your case is already past its statute of limitations, it is unwinnable. This is why it is recommended not to wait for too long. 

  • You are too close to the statute of limitations. 

If you have waited till the last few moments to file a case, you might have made the wrong decision. With only a month or less left for the deadline, no attorney would accept your case. The attorney may be fighting another case at the moment or require time to gather evidence and build a case. Less time does not allow your attorney to do many things. 

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