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Breaking the News to the Children About Your Divorce


If you are going through a divorce, you need to recognize that your marriage is over and must think of how to tell your children about your decision. Your kids must be informed that you or their other parent needs to move out of the house. Also, you must help them prepare psychologically for the fact that they won’t be seeing one of their parents every day. If you have already hired a divorce attorney, you should visit their website and see if you can find helpful divorce tips on their blog. 

As a divorcing parent, you may feel anxious about discussing your divorce with your kids. Thus, you must prepare them emotionally in advance for what you wish to tell them. How you will break the news about the divorce will determine the way your kids will deal with it.  

When to Break the News to Your Children

Before you talk to your kids, consider consulting with your spouse to agree on how to tell the children. Ensure your kids understand the reason their parents are separating and what the new family arrangement will be. If you don’t give this information to your kids, they will feel confused, anxious, and lost. By speaking with your spouse before a discussion with your children, you can avoid arguments in front of them. 

Ideally, you must tell your children about the divorce together This can send them a significant message that their parents are willing to work together to ensure they are cared for and loved. In addition, think about revealing your divorce to all of your children at the same time. This way, each of them will hear the same story from both of their parents. When you explain the divorce, ensure it is appropriate to the child’s age as well as intellectual and emotional development. You never want to confuse a young child with too many details. 

What to Tell Them

When you start the talk, keep it simple and generic. Ensure your kids feel reassured that you and your spouse still love them. Never blame your spouse in front of the kids. Otherwise, they will feel they should pick a parent to favor. Also, do not share your very personal story. Although your children may seem emotionally mature, they may not be able to process complex relationships between adults. They may interpret what you say inaccurately and unreasonably. Also, you need to assume your kids will be upset about your divorce, so be ready to reassure them and give answers to each of their questions.

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