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Can I Bring My Samsung Galaxy S21 5G in the Shower?


Yes, but only to a certain depth. The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G has an IP68 water resistance rating and can withstand a maximum of 1.5 metres in water. Taking it deeper than this may result in damage to the phone’s internal components. In some cases, you might also have to remove the battery to use it after a bath or shower. If you do this, you should also consider purchasing a waterproof case.

Thankfully, there are several methods to ensure your smartphone is waterproof. First, try taking it to a well-ventilated location. A waterproof case can prevent accidental splashing. If the phone is too big, use a silicone case to keep it dry. Otherwise, it will be more likely to break and get damaged. Once dry, you can put the phone back in the waterproof pouch and go about your daily tasks. You should check your warranty policy, as it might cover repairs or replacements.

If you’re planning to take your Samsung Galaxy S21 5G in the shower, be sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines. Although most Samsung smartphones are waterproof, there are some models with better protection against water. Be sure to check its water resistance before swimming or bathing. Waterproof phones can withstand a deeper level of water, while water-resistant devices are expected to survive light liquid exposure, including light rain, sweat, or quick spills.

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