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Everything You Need to Know About House of CB


When Conna Brown founded the House of CB, she had a vision for a fashion-forward brand that would cater to modern women. She brought a creative flare to her new business and has since released a variety of wedding gowns, strapless dresses, slip dresses, and more. This is an exciting time for the brand.

Conna Walker

Conna Walker, founder of House of CB, is an inspiring example of female empowerment. She has overcome adversity in her life to achieve success in her business. She believes in embracing the female form and wants a world where women feel confident and accepted. Through her clothing line, she hopes to inspire other women to be confident and strong.

Conna Walker founded her company, House of CB, at the age of seventeen. She sold items on eBay and subsequently grew her brand. Today, her designs are sold in 40 retail locations worldwide, including stores in the UK, Australia, and the USA.

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Her ethos

The House of CB ethos is centered around empowerment and body positivity. Founder Conna Bryant believes that women should own their power and make their own decisions. She also believes that women should take the initiative and take risks. Her vision is to create a world that is more accepting and confident in themselves.

The House of CB brand is renowned for its designer dresses, which are affordable yet chic. The brand is a favorite among women in Australia. Their collections include party wear and tailored dresses.

Similar brands

If you’re looking for clothing that’s affordable and trendy, House of CB is a great place to start. This brand was founded in May 2010, and has quickly expanded to multiple locations around the United Kingdom and has a strong social media presence. They’ve also gotten a lot of recognition overseas.

The House of CB is famous for its figure-hugging dresses and inexpensive price range. It’s one of the staples of club fashion. But if you’re looking for a brand with a similar offering, there are several other brands to consider. One of the best alternatives to House of CB is Meshki, which offers dresses at a fraction of the price. The brand was founded by three sisters in Los Angeles, and is committed to inclusivity and quality.


House of CB is one of the most popular women’s clothing brands. It was founded by 17-year-old Conna Walker in 2010. The brand has quickly become one of the most popular and sought-after labels in the fashion world. As a result, its selection continues to grow and expand.

The House of CB brand has gained a loyal fan base thanks to its affordable luxury clothes. In addition to its clothing, they offer accessories and designer shoes. The brand also has a sexy party wear collection. Prices start at just over $100.


The cost of buying from House of CB can vary depending on the items you are buying. Most of the items cost around $35, but you can also find a few cheaper alternatives on the site. One such shop is Naked Wardrobe, which offers affordable clothes in neutral colors and body-contouring styles. Another store, Windsor, specializes in dressy pieces but also sells a range of other styles.

Founded in 2010, House of CB has a reputation for providing high-end fashion at reasonable prices. Its clothes are popular with celebs, but the prices are not out of reach for most people. The brand has just released a bridal line, which includes dresses that start at just $524.

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