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Horizon Zero Dawn From Guerilla Games


The new game from Guerilla Games is an open world action RPG with a female protagonist. The game is also the first to feature a female protagonist, which has been a rarity for video game characters. While the game looks beautiful, it is also not as exciting as its predecessor. This may be because the game is set in a futuristic future, where robotic animals are feared and sought after for their parts.Visit this site: bestnewszone

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The game looks just like a living nature painting, and is so detailed that it looks more like a work of art than a video game. As the game switches between distinct biomes, you can witness a variety of landscapes and animal life. The environment in Horizon Zero Dawn is quite diverse, from a bustling city to a forest full of giant metal birds. The gameplay is also varied and fluid, and the world is never static.

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This immersive game is a unique experience. The world changes constantly between different biomes, and the environments change according to their surroundings. The landscape is lush and beautiful, and the creatures are surprisingly realistic. There are a multitude of animals and species to be found in the game, ranging from robotic bulls to giant metal birds. The game even features a giant cybernetic tyrannosaur.

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