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How Many Hours on Average Do Realtors Spend on Each Client?

A real estate agent doesn’t charge by the hour – they only get paid when they successfully close a deal. So how much time will a realtor spend on each client? This is a tough question to answer because the answer isn’t consistent. There is no set number of hours a realtor spends on any client, and the number will vary depending on a variety of factors.

The answer depends on the specific job, but there is no set number of hours a realtor spends on one client. Agents spend an afternoon on research and presenting options to their clients. They may meet with a photographer for photos, or with the seller’s agent for staging purposes. They may also spend the evening on the phone, where they discuss the listing process, potential sales price, and timeline of the sale. Buyers often have many questions, especially if they are selling their home for the first time. Those who pay by the hour might feel rushed and not get the personalized attention they deserve from a realtor.

In addition to interacting with clients, a realtor spends a significant amount of time handling paperwork. This includes drafting contracts and leases, updating the MLS database, managing listings, budgeting, ordering office supplies, and much more. Although these tasks are incredibly important, the time spent on them is disproportionately low when compared to their clients. Nonetheless, the amount of time a realtor spends on each client is proportional to the number of hours spent on marketing.

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