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How To Clean and Maintain A Wok


Getting the right cookware is important when stir-frying some vegetables or deep-frying meat for a weekend dinner. Even in a hurry, you know you can whip up a healthy dinner if you stir some vegetables and add protein. You are likely using a wok for preparing these meals. Because of its unique shape, this utensil can support deep frying, steaming, stir-frying, and other potential uses.

While cooking sounds fun, washing the utensils after cooking is often the most challenging part. Washing and cleaning or maintaining a wok over the years are challenging.

Cleaning a Wok

One of the most crucial factors to remember while using woks is that scrubbing them too harshly can remove the patina that gives them a non-stick surface. In case it’s removed, it is recommended to re-season the utensil.

So, be careful while washing woks. Never use harsh soaps with chemicals, steel wool, or stiff bristles. Instead, use a sponge or regular scrubbers with gentle soaps.

Always towel dry the utensil before heating them in the oven. Follow the same step while putting it away to prevent rusting.

How To Remove Hardened Food From A Wok?

Getting food and oil stuck into the pan while deep frying is common. It gets challenging to scrub away the food from the metal. If your pan ends with burned-on food, wait to pour cold water. Pour some hot water and soak the utensil for a few minutes.

After soaking the pan for a few minutes, scrub the food with steel wool in case of stubborn food. Sometimes, individuals remove the shiny patina while scrubbing.

Using a sponge or soft brush with a gentle liquid soap is usually recommended to clean the utensil without damaging it.

Things to Remember

There are usually two most popular types of works; stainless steel and cast iron.

Stainless steel woks are an excellent option if you cook occasionally. Stirring up some pad-thai or steaming some tomato soup are perfect options for this material.

You may be disappointed if you have to use this material regularly as you may not get the best results. While deep frying, the food or oil may get burned. This utensil is low on maintenance and affordable.

But, if you are looking for a durable option that gives you excellent cooking results, go for cast iron. These woks are durable, and the platina does not wear off quickly. The food does not stick to the surface easily, even while cooking on high flames.

To maintain the utensils, it is advised not to let them sit with sauce, oil, or food for too long. Soak it in warm water immediately.

While cleaning, you do not have to scrub till the surface is shining. Apply slight pressure to make the surface residue free. Clean it properly and give it a good rinse. It’s alright if the surface feels a little greasy to the touch.

Get Woking

Before you start using woks, learn how to season them. Seasoning is not a complex process, but it will take some time. So, seasoning the utensil after unboxing will save a lot of time. Re-season whenever you feel the need to.

Now that you know how to wash, clean, and maintain woks, get one immediately from the market. You will soon replace all other kitchenware with a wok.

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