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Is it Okay to Cut Cake on Dead Person’s Birthday?


Some folks do not subscribe to birthdays and may not feel it is appropriate to celebrate the deceased’s birthday. Others, however, do and it can be a cathartic experience to bake a cake for someone you loved. Others may even buy the deceased a present, or donate to a charity in their honor. There are also a lot of online resources that will provide you with inexpensive birthday cake decoration sets.

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One story says that the first birthday cake of a dead person should be given to a parent or other important family member. If the person died before his or her birthday, however, it is appropriate to give them a slice of the cake. Another story tells of a child who was never aware of his or her birthday. His parents would remember him or her every year, and this is a custom that is still widely practiced.

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Some people may feel comfortable cutting cake on a deceased person’s birthday, especially if it was his or her last. However, it is best to leave the celebration to those who are still living. There are many other ways to commemorate the deceased, and one of the most traditional ways is to have a memorial service. Some people will visit their loved one’s grave to pay respect. However, some people may find it difficult to accept that their loved one is gone and wish them a happy birthday.

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