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Personal Injuries in Salem Slip and Fall Accidents: Are Landlords Liable?


Salem landlords have a lot of duties that include maintaining their properties. However, a lot of them do not maintain their apartments and rental homes, increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents on these promises. Those who slipped and fell on the property of their landlord may be eligible for compensation. Depending on the circumstances that surround their case, the landlord may need to compensate them for the injuries they sustained. Victims of slip and fall accidents on rental properties can learn more about their options when they speak with a personal injury attorney. 

The Effect of Slip and Fall Injuries

A slip and fall accident on somebody else’s property can result in severe and painful injuries. A lot of victims need to seek extensive medical care and take several weeks off of their work to recover. Also, long-term complications may arise. Victims can sustain injuries such as soft tissue injuries, bruises and abrasions, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, sprained ankles and wrists, spinal cord injuries, as well as cuts and lacerations. 

The Duties of Every Landlord

Landlords in Salem, Oregon should maintain safe premises. Should dangerous conditions or hazards arise on their property, they need to fix them right away. Also, landlords should warn tenants and visitors of these hazards while they are yet to be addressed. A breach of this duty can result in a landlord being financially liable for the injuries sustained by victims. 

Proving Slip and Fall Cases Against Landlords

Those who are seeking compensation for their injuries through a slip and fall claim must establish the negligence of the landlord. During the insurance claim process, an adjuster will conduct an investigation of the accident and determine whether the action or inaction of the landlord caused the accident. Victims who are filing a claim must collect sufficient evidence to prove negligence. Evidence includes medical records, correspondence with the landlord, and surveillance footage. An injury lawyer can collect the necessary evidence to prove the elements of negligence and establish the victim’s right to compensation. They will have to prove that the landlord owed the victim a duty of care to keep their premises safe, that the landlord breached this duty, that this breach resulted in the accident and the injuries suffered by the victim, and that the victim sustained damages they can collect in their lawsuit like medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering. An experienced attorney will analyze the case and identify the best recovery path for the victim. 

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