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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Game Review


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a new action-adventure game developed by FromSoftware and published by Activision. The game centers around a shinobi named Wolf who sets out to take revenge on the samurai clan. However, he is forced to fight against several opponents and face a horde of enemies who are determined to destroy him.

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Although Sekiro starts off as historical fiction, it soon devolves into a supernatural experience. Because of its story, the game is required to have supernatural elements, and one of these is the ability to resurrect dead characters. This is something that 15th century Japanese people were unable to do, but FromSoftware’s implementation of mythology works very well. But the game’s difficulty remains intense, and players will still want to use walkthroughs to figure out how to progress.

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The game is difficult, but it’s still enjoyable, especially when the difficulty is easy and you can play it with friends. It will still require a good amount of patience, and you’ll have plenty of times to get it right. The game’s combat is intense, but it’s also a bit easier than Dark Souls or Bloodborne. As the developer, FromSoftware, has a reputation for putting out high-quality games, and Sekiro is no exception.

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The story is an intriguing one. The game’s setting is atmospheric, and the combat is impressive. While the visuals are gorgeous and otherworldly, the narrative is also intriguing. While it’s not a traditional ninja game, Sekiro is an excellent stealthy action game. You’ll want to sneak up on the enemy and kill them before they can get to you, but you won’t want to be caught in a trap.

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