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The Last of Us Part II Game Review


The complexities of love are a constant theme in The Last of Us Part II. The first half of the movie centers around the characters’ personal lives, and the second half follows the characters’ journey through their personal tragedies. We meet Joel, who is angry with the world for taking his wife and mother from him. As the story progresses, we learn more about the character’s struggles to cope with the devastating loss of her beloved.

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The last part of The Last of Us Part II continues the series’ exploration of the complexities of love. It follows teenage lesbian Ellie and her pregnant bisexual lover, Joel. The two are destined to become one, but their love for each other is not without its challenges. The characters’ personal lives are the focus of the game’s plot, and they grapple with the consequences of their decisions.

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The Last of Us Part II is a bleak game that explores the complexities of love. The game’s protagonist, Ellie, is very likable, and she strives for human connection in a world that is inhuman. Similarly, Joel has been shutting down since the death of his first daughter. He tries to instill a bleak worldview to Ellie by teaching her to see love as a weakness.

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