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The trailer for the new horror film Watcher has me curious about what the horror fans can expect. This film is not an A24 or Neon release, but rather a production from IFC Midnight. This studio has a history of supporting more arty horror films, releasing such movies as Hatching and The Innocents. In fact, the horror elements of Watcher are so heavily portent-loaded, I can’t help but feel a sense of unease as I watch the trailer.

While the film has an absorbing story, the plot isn’t particularly strong. The pacing is slow, and the film doesn’t have an impressive budget, but it makes up for it with memorable moments and a stern stare at the end. This thriller is a chilling look at a cruel, bleak world. The main character, a former actress named Maika Monroe, is a lonely and troubled woman living alone in Bucharest. Her boyfriend, Francis, is busy with work, while Julia is having an existential crisis.

In addition to the unsettling atmosphere, Watcher is a surprisingly smart film. Though it lacks the visceral elements of other horror movies, it is a well-crafted genre film. The film isn’t as visceral as a classic horror film, but there is still a creepy undercurrent, especially in the character of Marilyn Monroe. If you enjoy thrillers, Movie Watcher is worth a look.

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