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Vaping 101: Here’s How You Can Make It More Fun


Vaping has become one of the most popular trends across countries today. As people try to quit smoking, they try to ease their transition by switching to vaping. Australia has witnessed this shift recently, and many new companies have emerged selling good quality vapes in Australia. Between 2020 and 2021, 9.3% of Australian adults had tried vaping at least once. But for many, their first vaping experience isn’t always the most enjoyable. So here are a few ways in which you can make your vaping experience more fun and exciting.

#1 Find the Right Machine

People often start with cheaper machines, thinking they would serve the purpose. However, they may need to be made with suitable materials, and the nicotine may be of poor quality. So, investing in a good vape with all the right components and premium nicotine is best. Look for brands that sell separate parts, too. This way, you can modify it as per your preferences.

Also, most vapes in Australia are either battery-operated or have an in-built battery that will allow you to charge the vape after use. These are much better than the use-and-throw ones as they contribute less trash.

#2 Opt for a Quirky Design

Most people who vape want to do it in style. So, ditch all the boring designs and hunt for extremely excellent vapes; they should appear like fashion accessories. Choose designs with a metallic body or sleek designs. It should reflect your aesthetic, so play around with it!

#3 It Should Have a Display Screen

If you want to become a pro vaper, buy a device with a screen. Good-quality vapes in Australia will show you the wattage, battery life, and number of puffs taken by the device.

#4 Experiment with Flavours

One of the joys of vaping is that you can enjoy a variety of flavours, something that you can’t do without smoking a cigarette. From fruity flavours to more minty ones, try and experiment with different types so that you choose which one’s your favourite.

#5 Vape in the Right Setting

Vaping should be a relaxing experience, so make sure you find a place that does not stress you. Find good company of people who may also enjoy vaping or may be comfortable with you doing it. You can also create a relaxing atmosphere with ambient lighting and chill music.

#6 Try Out New Tricks

Once you start vaping, you will want to learn how to make different smoke designs. One can do several tricks: ring, French inhale, dragon, jellyfish, waterfall, and many more. Watch tutorials online, ask other pro-vapers to teach you, and have fun with your device!

In Conclusion

Australians between 18 and 24 are more likely to own and use vaping devices. Vaping doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. If you follow the right tips and tricks, you will ace and become a confident vaper. However, one should not become habituated to it as it can be addictive, too. It may not be as harmful as smoking, but it, too, has specific side effects. So, it’s always better to proceed with caution.

If you’re very new to vaping, you must know the basics of the machine and what to buy, what starter kits to get, what parts make the machine, and so on. With some basic research, you can slowly start enjoying vaping and make it a relaxing and fun experience.

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