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Why Network Security Is So Important in Today’s Time


Well, as times have changed, there are a lot of factors that tell our networks are at risk more than ever. First of all, cybercriminals and hackers are efficient more than ever and their motifs these days are to get bigger benefits out of the devices and systems they hack. There is cryptocurrency, people have online wallets, companies have their data on the cloud, there’s the dark web, identity theft, data theft and what not.

In today’s time it would be a mistake to not have your network secure because an exposed network and devices put your entire data as well as your family’s data at risk. While we will be discussing the reasons to keep your device secure in detail, one thing you need to keep your network secure is a good internet service.

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Getting a Service Can Save You

When it comes to secure internet one service that comes to our mind is Xfinity’s xFi Advanced Security that you get with the xFi Gateway. xFi Gateway is a device that can be rented with any of Xfinity Internet plans. It not only makes your network private and secure but also provides you with a personalized security system, which is necessity now.

So, If you want to know more about how Xfinity provides you an advanced security system you can have any of your queries answered by calling Xfinity Customer Support.

Hike in Cyber Crimes

Well one reason to save you devices and have network security is that cybercrimes these days are increasing every single day and while there has been work going on in terms of cyber security, people are still unaware. Big companies, politicians, as well as governments have been victimized by cybercrimes and it is no more about simply having an anti-virus because attackers these days are efficient than ever.

Different Types of Cyber Attacks

Well, the reason cybersecurity is so important is because of the several different kinds of cyber-attacks and crimes. Some of the most common cyber threats these days are Phishing, Malware, Ransomware, Weak Passwords, Insider threats. Well, these are just the few types of attacks and under their umbrella come the different ways in which you can be targeted and your device can be hacked.

When it comes to network security, having a secure and private WiFi can save your network. If your network is not private and one of your devices is infected with a virus or an intruder hacks into it, all your other devices will be vulnerable to such attacks moviesverse.

Vulnerable Users

As we discussed, people are still very much unaware about the threats and possibilities of cyber attacks and still take it lightly. Users are very vulnerable to such attacks because they don’t take their security seriously thinking they have nothing worthy of getting stolen. Well, there are attacks and threats such as identity theft and data theft that can benefit the attacker in multiple ways and being unaware and vulnerable these days could be your biggest mistake ever.

Cloud Storage

Often times we have a lot of data on our cloud storage which is highly important and we don’t have network security. Our smart security systems have cloud storage, there are pictures, important documents and what not. Having all these things on your cloud storage with nothing to secure it can result in the loss of all your information. Intruders and hackers can sell your data, remove data from your security cameras, and disable your alarms. This will not only result in stolen data in the hands of a criminal, but this means you will have your security system handed over to a robber who can disable it and break in to your house.

You Are At Risk If You Have a Business

If you have a business that has its data at a cloud or your work online a lot (which most businesses do these days), your data is at high risk of being stolen. So, especially being a business, you need to have network security and you need to make your employees understand the importance of network security.

The Dark Web

Well, you must be thinking how can your stolen data be sold and used negatively by someone that could eventually harm you. Dark web is a platform for such criminals where they sell identities, photos for multiple kinds of uses that you would’ve never even thought of. Besides, the dark web has all kinds of illegal activities going on and all the criminals on dark web have normal people as their victims. You can literally have your card information stolen, they could use your personal pictures for a perverted website your children’s identities could be stolen, and they could also be selling your cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Is At Risk

As we said, cryptocurrency is at high risk of being stolen and the biggest reason in this case is the fact that people don’t have a secure internet. The cybercriminals these days take high advantage of vulnerable users and hack into their wallets to steal their data. The major motivation of today’s hacker is to hack into the wallets of people and get their hands on their digital currency.

Final Thoughts

Well, there are plenty of ways in which a hacker can hack into your device and hack other devices and accounts from your device. A chain effect not only harms you but also the other users that are connected to you in some way. So, in order to save yourself and others you should beware and spread awareness around you.

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